PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSIONPrice from 269/pair delivered.

Progressive 412 Series, shocks shown are 12.5 inches half shrouded (the most popular style). Also available with top shrouds only, or with a black top shroud, or black springs, or any combination you want.....

One of the beauties of the Progressive ranges is the number of permutations available. With damper lengths from 11" to 13.5" in half-inch steps, and a range of nine different spring ratings, there are shocks for most bikes, rider weights, leg lengths etc.

Reliable and well-proven design.  Nitrogen gas damped with multi-stage velocity sensitive damping to give smooth and consistent damping performance. Bushes and preload adjustment spanner included.


HAGON NITROs 359/pair delivered
Hagon Nitros are chunky stainless steel shocks. They have 10-click adjustable damping, an 18mm hard chrome rod, and a 73mm outside diameter spring. Also a choice of anodized colour for alloy parts, though this is an old pic, for 2014 the colour options are black or silver only.

They are available for many popular bikes and are built to order in the UK to ensure they match individual rider weight and/or ride height requirements.

Growing in popularity with big bike owners, both performance machines and cruisers.

Supplied with an adjusting spanner and the correct bushes fitted, and come with Hagon's two-year warranty.

NEW for 2016:  Now available with black springs, same chunky size, 20/pr extra.

JAN 2016 UPDATE:  PIGGYBACK NITROS now available, choice of stainless steel or black fittings & springs, all one price at 479/pair delivered. Excellent price for UK-manufactured piggyback shocks!

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PROGRESSIVE SUSPENSIONPrice from 269/pair delivered.

Progressive 412 Series, 13 inches half shrouded shown. Nitrogen gas damped with multi-stage velocity sensitive damping. Normally available in either Chrome (chrome end caps and chrome springs) or Black (blck top cap and black springs). But we can assemble specials as shown.

Available in a range of sizes (11" to 14") and spring rates to suit most Harleys and metric cruisers.

 Bushes and spanner included.

News Jan 2016:  412s now available for Harley Street bikes XG500/XG750. Same price, available now in lengths from 12" to 13.5", both standard and heavy duty versions.



PROGRESSIVE OPTIONPrice 353/pair delivered.

Full Chrome Covers - Harley FXD

Progressive 412 Series, 11 or 12 inch full chrome covers. Nitrogen gas damped with multi-stage velocity sensitive damping.

Shown are the 12" variety, which fit most Harley Dynas.

In case you're wondering, the 5- position preload is adjusted by using the double c-spanner provided to get a firm grip on the lower shroud!

Bushes provided.  Also available in black.



WILBERS Twinshocks From 550/pair delivered.

 Harley VRSCF Muscle

Wilbers are first class shocks, in the way they are made, the way they feel in your hands, and where it matters - the way they perform.  High quality german engineering.

They come in various styles, from the Ecoline range (which have preload adjustment only) at around 550/pair, through the 630/640 series (from 699/pair) which have integral reservoirs and rebound damping adjustment, to the 632/642 series (from 975/pair) which have piggyback reservoirs and incorporate separate compression and rebound damping adjustment.  Serious money for serious shocks!!

The shocks shown are 640s, which are really chunky, to accommodate 46mm pistons, with 14mm rods. Price is 789/pr delivered.

All Wilbers shocks are built to order to match rider weight and riding style, and the manufacturers offer a 5 year warranty (subject to conditions).

Apart from the Ecolines, all Wilbers shocks offer a choice of blue or black springs, or (for a small extra charge) just about any colour you want.....


PROGRESSIVE  430 Series Price from 469/pair delivered.
The 430-series shocks are Progressive's mid range unit.  Launched around 3 years ago, they are high-pressure nitrogen charged shocks with deflective disc damping, a system which gives excellent damping control.  The shocks are beautifully finished with an unusual smooth style. End caps are aluminium , and ride quality (preload) adjustment is by hand turning of the top caps.   Available in chrome or black as shown, in a range of lengths and spring strengths to suit most bikes in the park.

 Standard or heavy duty springs  
Lengths available 11"  11.5"  12"  12.5"  13".

Can be mounted either way up.


PROGRESSIVE 418 Series Was 499/pr - Last few at 295/pr

 Kawasaki Z1300

Absolutely beautiful shocks - the custom builder's dream!!

Just pick one up - they feel top quality.
Manufactured from aircraft quality aluminium and clear anodised for low weight and long lasting good looks.

The 418 Series features 5-position adjustable damping as well as 4-position preload.

Not cheap but very desirable.

Bushes and adjusting spanner are included

*** Sadly the 418 range has now been replaced by progressive's new 430-series shock.  Just a few pairs left at the bargain price of 295/pair.



PROGRESSIVE 440SPrice reduced on remaining stocks to 349/pair delivered


Progressive 440 Series, used to be the ultimate Progressive shock with IAS - Inertia Active System.

Now replaced with the new 444-Series shocks - see below.


We still have a few of these left at just 349/pair.
These are brand new shocks with 12-month warranty at an exceptionally good price, please phone or email us with your bike details.



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PROGRESSIVE 444sPrice 599/pair delivered  (black)  
&   639/pair delivered  (chrome)
And now, the new replacement for the much loved 440s:

Progressive 444 Series, the ultimate Progressive shock with FST - Frequency Sensing Technology. An improved version of IAS, FST gives the 444-series shocks a unique ability to dynamically adjust damping to match road and riding conditions. Clever enough to separate wheel movement from chassis movement so that your bike floats over the rough stuff, yet doesn't wallow in the twists and turns. Comes with hand-adjustable preload as standard, in a range of sizes and spring weights.

Progressive's lifetime limited warranty.

Stocks of this new range of shocks are limited at present so we may have to order them in from the US for you...



IKON       Dial-a-rides Price from 349/pair delivered.
Two of Ikon Suspension's 7610 Series Shock Absorbers Koni stopped making bike shocks years ago, but all the designs etc were transferred to IKON, who have carried on making exactly the same shocks, still the 7610 series (pictured) and all the same applications. 

They still have 3-position preload adjustment and 4-position "dial a ride" damping adjustment. If you are one of the thousands of riders who liked the old Konis, you'll be happy with a pair of Ikons.

Also available in SP8 form (chrome springs and chrome top cap) from 429, and in the all new 7614 format (aluminium bodied gas shocks) from 439/pr delivered.

They have to come from australia, so order early!!


Progressive 422 Series From 497/pair delivered.


Progressive's 422-Series shocks have been around for a while, as a performance upgrade for Harley Softails. In fact Progressive were the first to introduce aftermarket shocks for the bikes
(the old 413 series).

They have high pressure gas monotubes to maintain damping performance when pushed, and they give two inches of ride height (lowering) adjustment as well as the normal adjustable preload to compensate for different loads on the bike.

Two models are available to suit bikes made up to 1999, and from 2000 on. And each model is available with either standard or heavy duty springs.

Prices are all the same at 497/pr delivered.

                                     ALSO AVAILABLE WITH REMOTE PRELOAD ADJUSTMENT......

The shocks shown are the recently launched RAP versions of the 422s.  These shocks are the same as the existing shocks - why change a winning formula eh? - but with the addition of remote preload adjustment, so that when you switch from solo riding to full load, just reach down and turn the RAP knob (located behind the left passenger peg) to reset the preload.

List price for the new shocks is over 800/pair, but for now we are tempting you with a special price of 697/pr delivered.

FOURNALES AIR SHOCKSPrice from 534/pair delivered


  • Pneumatic suspension with hydraulic damping.
  • Superb ride quality, air adjustment provides correct ride height whatever the load.
  • Improved traction and braking.
  • Non-fade operation
  • Very long lived and then rebuildable.
  • Shocks shown are Magnums, priced at 665/pair delivered.

    Wide range of applications. Well suited to big touring bikes. Very popular with Harley and Guzzi owners.  Specials for sidecar applications. Also work very well on big-engined scoots like the Suzuki Burgman AN650.

    Bushes included. 2 year guarantee. Fully rebuildable.
    High pressure hand pumps available at 52.50 each for a 0-30 bar pump,
    or 57.50 for the new 0-40 bar hand pump with digital readout.

Bushes included.


FOURNALES FULL ALLOY SHOCKSPrice from 598/pair delivered


  • Pneumatic suspension with hydraulic damping.
  • New Alloy shocks - even lighter than Fournales steel units.
  • Superb ride quality, air adjustment provides correct ride height whatever the load.
  • Improved traction and braking.
  • Non-fade operation
  • Shocks shown are 13.5" . Also available in 11"  12"  12.5"  and 13" for Harley Dyna, Road King, FX/FL, V-Rod and Sportster.

    Bushes included. 2 year guarantee. Fully rebuildable.
    High pressure hand pumps available at 52.50 each for a 0-30 bar pump,
    or 57.50 for the new 0-40 bar hand pump with digital readout.  


These Fournales Alloys look fantastic and work so well on Scouts. 665/pair. 

New application - HD alloys now available for Guzzi 1400 California.

Bushes included.

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