A range of quality shocks at very competitive prices.
The price you see is the price you pay - it includes UK Mainland delivery and VAT.

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All measurements are fitting centre to centre.
Bushes supplied with all shocks.

YSS NEW GENERATION RG362 TRCL price 467/pair delivered.

Yamaha XJR1300

The shocks that everyone's talking about. Made in Thailand, so sensible prices, but excellent quality and performance.

A range of shocks with options of 60-click rebound damping adjustment;  integral, remote or piggyback reservoirs; threaded body preload adjustment;  and many have adjustable length too.

Top of the range are RG362/366 piggybacks, which have 3-position compression damping settings as well as rebound, and the option of separate high/low speed compression adjustment for serious race use.

RC302's are also piggybacks, but designed to give an original look at a reasonable price. Preload adjust only, but half the price at 259/pair.

 RZ362's are popular, with integral reservoirs and 60-click rebound damping adjustment at 310/pair.

And the bread & butter range is the RE302. A quality shock with infinite preload adjustment, 30mm piston, gas pressurised, wide range of applications, excellent value at 165/pr delivered.

 Most bikes have more than one shock option in the range.

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BETOR GAS SHOCKSPrice from 115/pair delivered.

Gas shock with chrome damper, sizes 300,320,330,340,350,360 mm.

Very good value - cheapest gas shocks.

5 position pre-load. Shown with black springs (chrome 14/pr extra). Standard spring available in chrome or black. Heavy duty spring available in black only. Note it is VERY heavy duty.

Applications for a wide range of British, European and Japanese bikes. Shocks shown are 330mm to fit CB400SF, Z650, GS650, XJ550 and loads of others. There's a pair of Betors to fit most bikes.

Bushes included.   Adjusting spanner 3.

More Betor shocks


HAGON GAS SHOCKSPrice from 134/pair delivered.

Hagon shocks are made to suit most twinshock bikes - probably the widest range in the world, with damper lengths from 255mm - 420mm, and spring ratings 56-250lbs.

Standard shocks have a black body with a choice of black or chrome springs (chrome springs cost 7/pr extra).

Can be made to suit your weight and/or ride height. Also available in shrouded and chrome versions, or with half shrouds. Springs are available in two diameters:  standard od is 61mm,  or slimline springs are 55mm diameter.

All Hagon shocks are supplied with an adjusting spanner and the correct bushes fitted.

2-year guarantee.  Made in the UK.



YSS RD222from 109/pair delivered
Versatile double action oil shocks, Bravo are economical shocks in the new generation YSS  range. They are emulsion shocks with 22mm pistons, 12mm hard chrome shafts, and 5-step preload adjusters.

Standard style is chrome damper / black spring. Chrome springs available as an option.  Other options are chrome a range of chrome end caps:  35mm depth / 60mm / 60mm drilled / 100mm.

Available for a very wide range of applications, and supplied with an adjusting spanner and the correct bushes fitted. (Note: non-standard lengths or spring rates not available at present).

Prices are 109 delivered for a standard pair. All chrome cost 125/pr delivered, or 133/pr with chrome top caps, or 141/pr delivered with top and bottom caps.


HAGON 2810sfrom 189/pair delivered
Hagon 2810s are gas shocks similar to Hagon's popular range of twinshocks, but now incorporating 10-click adjustable damping.

Mounted rod down to reduce unsprung weight.

Available for a wide range of bikes, shock lengths
270mm-370mm (not available with fork type mountings).

Choice of black springs @ 189/pr or with chrome springs 196/pr.

Hagon's 2-year warranty of course.

Supplied with an adjusting spanner and the correct bushes fitted.


2810s are now available with stainless steel dampers
 at 246/pr with matching chrome springs,
 or 7/pr less with black ones.



PROGRESSIVE  1200 SeriesPrice from 259/pair delivered.

 Kawasaki Z1300

1200 Series, gas/oil multi-stage velocity sensitive damping, 5- position pre-load. Shown in all black style, but also available with chrome spring, with or without black or chrome top cap. Standard or heavy duty springs  
Lengths available from 11"-14.25".

1200 Series shocks are only part of the enormous Progressive range available including 412 series, and 430/444 series. Email for a quote.

Applications include: Wide range, especially suited big Japanese bikes. Specials for GPZ1100 and Z1300

Bushes and adjusting spanner are included


IKON      Dial-a-RidesPrice from 349/pair delivered.
Two of Ikon Suspension's 7610 Series Shock Absorbers Koni stopped making bike shocks years ago, but all the designs etc were transferred to IKON, who have carried on making exactly the same shocks, still the 7610 series (pictured) and all the same applications. 

They still have 3-position preload adjustment and 4-position "dial a ride" damping adjustment. If you are one of the thousands of riders who liked the old Konis, you'll be happy with a pair of Ikons.

Also available in SP8 form (chrome springs and chrome top cap) from 429, and in the all new 7614 format (aluminium bodied gas shocks) from 439/pr delivered.

Also, launched in 2014, a new range of shocks for older bikes, the IKON BASIX range. These are very similar to Dial-a-Rides, but they have slimline springs and no damping adjustment, from 229/pair delivered.



PROGRESSIVE  430 SeriesPrice from 429/pair delivered.
The 430-series shocks are Progressive's mid range unit.  Launched around 4 years ago, they are high-pressure nitrogen charged shocks with deflective disc damping, a system which gives excellent damping control.  The shocks are beautifully finished with an unusual smooth style. End caps are aluminium , and ride quality (preload) adjustment is by hand turning of the top caps.   Available in chrome or black as shown, in a range of lengths and spring strengths to suit most bikes in the park.

 Standard or heavy duty springs  
Lengths available 11"  11.5"  12"  12.5"  13".

Can be mounted either way up.

Prices are 429/pr delivered for black
or 459/pr for chrome.


HAGON NITROsPrice 359/pair delivered
Hagon Nitros are chunky stainless steel shocks. They have 10-click adjustable damping, an 18mm hard chrome rod, and a 73mm outside diameter spring. Also a choice of anodized colour for alloy parts

They are available for many popular bikes and are built to order to ensure they match individual rider weight and/or ride height requirements.

Excellent value, Nitros are quickly growing in popularity with big bike owners, both performance machines and cruisers.

Supplied with an adjusting spanner and the correct bushes fitted.

Colour update:  Sorry, blue and gold options have been discontinued due to lack of demand. Good news is that black springs are available, tho' 20/pr extra.

Jan 2016 Update: Piggyback Nitros now available for many bikes, with either s/steel or black reservoirs and springs to match, at 479/pr delivered.


PROGRESSIVE 418 SeriesPrice was 499/pair - now 295

 Kawasaki Z1300

Absolutely beautiful shocks - the custom builder's dream!!

Just pick one up - they feel top quality.
Manufactured from aircraft quality aluminium and clear anodised for low weight and long lasting good looks.

The 418 Series features 5-position adjustable damping as well as 4-position preload.

Not cheap but very desirable.

Bushes and adjusting spanner are included

Nov 2012: Sadly 418s are being discontinued. We have just a few pairs left, bargain price of 295/pr to clear them.....


PROGRESSIVE 970sPrice 1100/pair delivered

A new range of performance shocks from Progressive.

Stylish aluminium bodied piggyback shocks with state of the art dual deflective disc damping control, high pressure gas monotube design, with adjustable compression damping via the knobs on the reservoirs.

New applications being added to the range, which at present includes Harley Dynas, Sportsters and XR1200s.  A recent  addition is Triumph Thruxton, with shocks available for both standard ride height and 1" lower.

Available in black or bronze.

Sadly the price has gone up again recently due to dollars becoming more expensive!



BITUBO WME TWINSHOCKSPrice 364/pair delivered
The most stylish things come from Italy - including BITUBO shocks!

Best known for their championship-winning involvement in racing, Bitubo have made a wide range of bike (and scooter) shocks for years without too much publicity.

But they're very good and quite competitively priced.
The shocks shown are their WME03 range. They are steel-bodied with high pressure gas separated from the hydraulics by a floating piston, they have "infinite" preload adjustment via threaded spring seat nuts, and 5-position rebound damping adjustment via Bitubo's unique levers at the base of the shocks.

Complete with comprehensive mounting and set-up instructions, bushes and c-spanner.  Also available with black springs (model WME02) at the same price.

These WME shocks are the pick of the twinshock range for value, but you could also think about the WMB range (basically the same shocks with preload adjustment only) at 314/pr or the lovely WMT range with piggyback reservoirs and separate rebound and compression damping adjustments from 620/pr.



 950/pair delivered.



Totally new shocks from K-Tech!

Most riders know K-Tech for their brilliant race-winning DDS monoshocks and innovative front-end kit. But this UK company, with more than 25 years experience in bike suspension, have now launched an all-new Razor twinshock range.

Initial applications cover Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler & Thruxton, Kawasaki ZRX1100/1200, and Harley Dynas & Sportsters, but K-Tech have plans to widen the range considerably during 2016. Latest: Now available for 08-on Guzzi V7, the Indian Scout, and the new Triumph Street Twin

Razor IV's are the piggyback shocks pictured. They feature separate rebound and compression damping adjustment, plus adjustable length and of course preload.  Designed and manufactured in the UK to K-Tech's very demanding standards, and built to order to suit your weight and riding style, the difference between these shocks and standard units is outstanding. And the external reservoirs will help keep the shocks cool when you're pushing on.

Expensive but quality costs!

Also available as Razor III (also known as Razor Lites). These are the classically styled version without the piggyback reservoirs, and so also without compression damping adjustability. But also without quite a lot of s at 590 delivered.


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