Scooter Shocks

  • from various makers:

  • Economy Shocks


    BETOR Scooter shock applications

    ADLY - Fox59.00 each
    APRILIA - Amico, Gulliver, Sonic 50/GP50, SR50, Rally 50, Scarabeo 50 59.00 each
    ATALA - Hacker 5059.00 each
    BETA - Ark, Chrono, Quadra59.00 each
    DAELIM - Message59.00 each
    DERBI - Atlantis 50, Vamos 5059.00 each
    GILERA - Runner 50, SKP5059.00 each
    HONDA - Bali 50/100, Sky, SFX, Vision Met-in, Dio, Dio ZX5059.00 each
    ITALJET - Formula 50 / 50AC, Velocifero 5059.00 each
    KTM - Ark59.00 each
    KYMCO - Cobra 50, Dink 50, KB50, Sniper 50, Scooter 50's59.00 each
    MALAGUTI - F10, Phantom F1259.00 each
    MBK - Booster, Flipper, Mach G, Nitro, Ovetto, Stunt59.00 each
    PEUGEOT - Buxy, Speedake, Speedfight (Front & Rear), Squab, Trekker,
                         Vivacity, Zenith, SV50
    59.00 each
    PGO - Big Max59.00 each
    PIAGGIO - Free, Liberty 50, NRG Extreme/Mc2/Mc3/Power, Quartz, Sfera,Typhoon, Vespa ET2/ET4, Zip 59.00 each
    SUZUKI - AE50 Style, AH50 Address/R, AP50, AY50 Katana, UF50 Estilete, UX50W Zillion, AH100 59.00
    YAMAHA - CW50 Bi-Wiz/Spy/NG, CY50 Jog-In,Jog R/RR, YH50 Why, YQ50 Aerox, YN50 Neos, Zuma. 59.00 each

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    BITUBO Race Suspension Shocks

    Bitubo are an Italian company with a long history of success in racing. They make top performing race shocks for both bikes and scooters.  For scooters, Bitubo shocks are the perfect blend of up to the minute design, for great looks and brilliant performance, with affordable prices.

    The shock in the picture is the latest front shock for the Vespa GT125 / GT200 / GTS250, only released in June 2010.  Apart from looking beautiful both off and on the bike, it has 27-click compression damping adjustment as well as infinite preload, giving a wide range of set-up options. Price including delivery is 149.



    FORZA Scooter Shocks with Reservoir

    APRILIA    -      SR50,   Rally 50 89.00 each
    BENELLI    -      491,   K2 89.00 each
    HONDA     -       Sky 89.00 each
    KYMCO     -       Cobra,   Spacer 50 89.00 each
    MBK          -       Ovetto,   Nitro89.00 each
    PEUGEOT -      Speedfight,  Vivacity,   Trekker,   Squab,   Elyseo 5089.00 each
    Yamaha   -       Aerox,   Neo's89.00 each

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    KUNDO Gas shocks with adjustable preload

    APRILIA      -   Amico,   Rally Air,   Rally LC,   SR50,   SR50 LC
    BENELLI      -  491 LC
    BETA            -   ARK LC
    GILERA        -   Runner 50, FX125 & FXR180,   SKP50,   ICE,   DNA50
    KYMCO        -   Cobra 50 (Top Boy),  Sniper 50,   Spacer 50 (DINK)
    MALAGUTI  -    F10, Phantom F12 50 Air & LC
    MBK             -    Nitro 50,   Ovetto 50
    PEUGEOT    -    Buxy,  Metal-X 50,   Speedake,   Speedfight  50 Air/ 50LC/ 100,  
                               Squab,   Trekker 50 & 100
    PIAGGIO     -    NRG Extreme Air/ LC/ Mc2/ Mc3 LC/ Mc3 Pure Jet,   Free,  
                              Quartz, Sfera 50 drum/ 50RST disc/ 80 drum,  SKR 80,
                              Skipper 125 10",   Typhoon 50/ 80/ 125,  
                              Vespa ET2 50/ET4 125 (98-00),  Zip 50,   Zip SP (01- )  
    SUZUKI       -    AE50 Style, AH50 Address/R, AP50, AY50 Katana, UF50 Estilete, 
                              UX50W Zillion, AH100
    YAMAHA     -    CW50 Bi-Wiz/Spy/NG,   C50 Jog-In,Jog R/RR,    YH50 Why,
                              YQ50 Aerox,   YN50 Neos.

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    HAGON Scooter shock applications

    APRILIA - Leonardo 125cc and 250cc 164/pr
    BMW - C1 (125cc and 200cc) 164/pr
    HONDA - FJS600 SilverWing 164/pr
    SUZUKI - AN650 Burgman 164/pr
    YAMAHA - YP250 Majesty & Majesty 400 164/pr

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    Moped/Scooter 220mm Pin/Fork fittings47.00
    Moped/Scooter 220mm Pin/Pin mono style57.00
    Moped/Scooter 235mm Pin/Fork fittings47.00
    Moped/Scooter 240mm Pin/Pin mono style57.00
    Honda Melody/Caren/Vision 245mm Pin/Fork fittings51.00
    Suzuki FZ50/Yamaha Passola 245mm Pin/Fork fittings51.00
    Moped/Scooter 250mm Pin/Fork fittings47.00
    Moped/Scooter 260mm Pin/Pin mono style57.00
    Moped/Scooter 265mm Pin/Fork fittings51.00
    Speedfight (front) 270mm Pin/Pin fittings47.00
    Speedfight (rear) 270mm Pin/Fork fittings47.00
    Moped/Scooter 270mm Pin/Pin mono style57.00
    Moped/Scooter 275mm Pin/Fork fittings47.00
    Moped/Scooter 285mm Pin/Fork fittings47.00
    Moped/Scooter 285mm Pin/Pin mono style57.00
    Moped/Scooter 290mm Pin/Fork fittings57.00
    Moped/Scooter 320mm Pin/Fork fittings57.00
    Piaggio 320mm Screw/Fork fittings51.00
    Honda c90 Cub 325mm Pin/Pin fittings57.00
    Piaggio/Gilera 340mm Thread/Fork fittings57.00
    Aprilia Leonardo,YP250 Majesty,345mm Pin/Fork
    (Shown below)

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